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Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn

Refer any of the following services offered by ANDT:-

  • Inspection Services Request
  • Equipment Supply Order
  • NDT Training Student
  • Referrer - Existing school student who is referring prospective students
  • Friend - Prospective student who is receiving a referral link from a referrer

Earn INR 500 per reference, plus your friend will get INR 500 discount.


Group Offer

Referral Amount

Number of Participant

Total INR 1000

On Group of 2 Participant

Total INR 3000

On Group of 3 Participant

Total INR 10000

On Group of 5 Participant

Total INR 25000

On Group of 10 Participant


Term and Conditions

  • -A successful referral is one where the referred person/company/group makes their full payment only in one installment. 
  • -Referral and its corresponding benefits are applicable to unlimited times.
  • -The user shall mention your name and mobile number.
  • -Referral earned can be used for subsequent payments to ANDT or can also be redeemed for cash/account or can be transferred to other users.
  • -3 or More Students will get INR 1000 Discount Each.
  • -5 or More Students will get INR 2000 Discount Each.
  • -10 or More Students will get INR 2500 Discount Each.
  • -Discount will be given to all individual students in groups.
  • -Group can be created with different colleges, streams and semester students or working professionals for discount.
  • -This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • -ANDT reserves the right to withdraw or alter this promotion or scheme, anytime as per its discretion.
  • -For any clarification, you may reach us at or you can directly chat with us by clicking on- CLICK-HERE

  • Created 03-May-2020