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Post Weld Heat Treatment / Stress Relieving (PWHT/SR)

Post Weld Heat Treatment / Stress Relieving (PWHT/SR)

Post Weld Heat Treatment / Stress Relieving (PWHT/SR)

The process performed to relieve stresses that developed in welding and to improver microstructure of weld and heat-affected zone is Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) or Stress Reliving (SR)

ANDT offers Post weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) or Stress Relieving (SR) services to the industries who are into welding or fabrication of steel or metal such as storage tanks, refineries, offshore works, buildings, pressure vessels, oil & gas, bridges, and petrochemical industries. PWHT is performed under consideration of certain codes and standards as per the standard that is recommended and also depends upon the thickness of the material. 

PWHT or SR is performed to reduce stress produced during welding and is reduced by the various process under the controlled conditions such as heating weld area or area where stress is generated due to any process that is performed over the material and then cooling it. This process reduces stress and distributes the reduced stress uniformly over the surface. Due to which certain properties of material get improved such as ductility, hardness, improves the risk of brittle fracture, tempered metal, improves the microstructure of the material, improves thermal stress, etc.

PWHT/SR can be performed as per the requirement of the client at their premises or at our premises. Facilities are available to perform PWHT or SR onshore, offshore with help of portable equipment and pickup and drop service is also available and work is done with 100% quality and satisfaction of the client and industrial requirement and codes and standard intended to be used so that workpiece can fit into the required area and meet all acceptance criteria. 

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