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Eddy Current Testing of Tubes

Eddy Current Testing of Tubes

Eddy Current Testing of Tubes

ECT is an NDT method mostly used to examine tubing in heat exchangers tubes, generators, condensers, air coolers.

Eddy current testing (ECT) is an effective way of assessing conditions and fitness for use of pipes and tubes in petrochemical, aerospace, chemical, automobile, oil and gas, and various other industries. It is used for the detection of corrosion, cracks, coating thickness, and wear changes in the tube.
It is a fast inspection technique and a major advantage of the method is that there is minimal surface preparation. But this technique is only suitable for non-ferrous and conductive material such as copper, stainless steel, titanium, etc.
ECT (eddy current testing) uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to identify defects in the tubes. A probe is inserted along the length of the tube and pushed along its entire length. Eddy current is generated by the coil which Is present in the probe. Theses eddy currents and any disturbance in them are noted simultaneously on the screen by measuring electrical impedance. This impedance is noted on the screen and any defect that is present is identified.

A benefit of eddy current testing (ECT) is fast and real-time assessment can be done.

Eddy current testing of tubes is highly specialized, requiring expertise in special types of equipment. ANDT’s non-destructive testing inspectors are ASNT Level II and III qualified in eddy current testing and have many years of valuable experience in the inspection of tubes. Our inspectors bring expertise which helps in the accurate assessment so you can make an informed decision based on the accurate data being measured.
ANDT is committed to providing Total Quality Assurance and ensuring inspections meet deadlines, standards, and are carried out safely and efficiently. While the schedule of maintenance is coordinated in such a way that minimizes disruption in business occurs while providing an optimum level of inspection within minimum possible time.

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