Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Eddy Current Testing

ECT uses electromagnetic induction to detect surface and sub-surface discontinuities in conductive materials.

This ECT technique is commonly used in industries such as power generation, aerospace, petrochemical and oil and gas, construction, marine applications. One of the major benefit of eddy current testing is that inspection requires minimum surface preparation like removal of coating or clean surfaces. This makes it suitable for inspecting variety of parts.
ECT equipment is highly portable as it consist of a display, and can detect discontinuities it is highly reliable and ideal for onsite inspection. Flaws displayed are in real time allowing inspectors and managers to make quick decisions. These are also very much useful in inspection of complex shapes and geometries.
ECT uses electromagnetic induction to detect defects in conductive materials by inducing an eddy current field in the specimen under test. Various kind of inspection can be performed using ECT like surface or near surface defects, coating thickness measurements it can be also used for metal sorting according to conductivity and hardness.
Our highly trained and experienced inspectors in performing ECT in ASNT level 2 and 3.
ANDT is committed in providing Total Quality Assurance and ensuring inspections meet deadlines, standards and are carried out safely and efficiently. While schedule of maintenance is coordinated in such a way that minimum disruption in business occurs while providing optimum level of inspection within minimum possible time.   



Eddy current testing on tubes

Eddy current testing on tubes such as condensers, AC tubes, heat exchangers requires special equipment and highly skilled inspectors. ANDT Inspector are more than capable of running such tasks while highest level of consumer satisfaction. 


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