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Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Eddy Current Testing – (ECT)

Eddy Current Testing (ET or ECT) is one of the advanced Non - destructive Testing method is one of the methods from electromagnetic testing methods and is defined as a circulating electrical current induced in a conducting material by an alternating magnetic field. In eddy current testing we are using electromagnetic induction to inspect and identify discontinuity and defects on surface and sub-surface of conductive material.

The main application of Eddy Current Testing is in tube inspection and in surface inspection. In aerospace and petrochemical industries we are mainly using surface inspection because of its high sensitivity that can also detect tight cracks. For surface inspection eddy current testing is not only limited for ferromagnetic materials, it can also be used on non-ferromagnetic materials. Whereas in tube inspection eddy current testing can be done only on non-ferromagnetic material tubes. Eddy Current testing can also be used to inspect electrical conductivity and coating thickness measurements.

Advantages of Eddy Current Testing-

  •  Eddy current testing is very sensitive for small defects and discontinuity.
  •  Eddy current testing is used to detect defects on the surface and near-surface.
  •  Complex shape material can also be inspected.
  •  Probes used in Eddy current testing does not require to touch the part.
  •  Surface preparation is not critical.
  •  Results are immediate and equipment is also portable.

Disadvantages of Eddy Current Testing-

  •  Eddy Current Testing can be performed on conductive material only.
  •  High skill and well trained professional is required to perform eddy current testing
  •  Roughness and surface finish of part may interfere.
  •  For setup of equipment, reference standards are needed.
  •  Limited to the depth of penetration

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NDT Level I Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Syllabus

  •    Introduction to Eddy Current Testing
  •    Basic Principle of Eddy Current Testing
  •    Impedance System of Eddy Current
  •    Impedance Plain Display & Diagram
  •    Advantage, Disadvantages/Limitations
  •    Discontinuities, Indications, defects
  •    Basic electricity, magnetism & electromagnetism
  •    Electromagnetic induction
  •    Coil properties and impedance
  •    Signal Detection & Measurement
  •    Interpretation

After successful completion of training, participants will be appearing for the Level I exam.

Participants will be certified as NDT ECT Level I after successfully clearing the exam.

NDT Level II Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Syllabus

  •    Probe and Frequency Selection
  •    Inspection Mode and Frequency Mixing
  •    Probe Crack Response
  •    Working of Absolute and Differential Coils
  •    Differential and External Coil Arrangement
  •   Fill Factor and Conductivity
  •   Thickness Measurement and Test Object variables
  •   Precautions in Eddy Current Testing

After successful completion of training, participants will be appearing for the Level II exam.

Participants will be certified as NDT ECT Level II after successfully clearing the exam.

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A training institute that is profusely providing industry oriented technical education with live hands-on practical’s sessions. Indian and International professionals prefer certification training program in Non-Destructive Testing at Advanced Institute of Nondestructive Testing & Training (ANDT), to create a bright future in Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Aircraft, Refinery, Airspace-ship and other mechanical industries, by availing the NDT Level II certification courses at ANDT either Online or Offline in branch offices ANDT Greater Noida, ANDT Mumbai and ANDT Hyderabad, India.

Aspiring participants get 100% Placement in India & Abroad after successful completion of the NDT Level II Training program.

Eddy Current Testing Syllabus is as per ASNT SNT TC 1A-2016 which trains participants so that they gain sound practical & theoretical knowledge to work under the supervision of NDT ECT Level III experts. It is required to have good health, positive mindset & technical skills to perform calibration and inspection as per written instruction under the supervision of NDT ECT Level III.

Eligibility for Eddy Current Testing NDT Training Level I, II Certification Courses

Eligibility, qualification, and experience requirements as per the written recommended practice of SNT-TC-1A, 2016 Edition are given below.

Non-destructive testing courses are considered as the most valuable professional courses to improve individuals’ skill sets and ladder for the steep career growth in quality control QA/QC functions in manufacturing and processing industries. These courses are especially considered as short term professional courses for any Mechanical, Metallurgical, Civil, Electrical, and other engineering professionals. Based on proficiency requirements, certification is offered for NDT level I, level II, and NDT level III. In order to be eligible for each NDT level, the individual should meet the required eligibility criteria.

Candidates interested in certification of non-destructive testing should have sufficient education, training, and experience to ensure eligibility in required NDT methods in which they are being considered. Candidates with diploma in Engineering or bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Mechanical engineering, Metallurgy, Civil or any engineering) or bachelor’s degree in math, science, or plus 2 / intermediate with math, science are eligible for the courses. Depending on the NDT level chosen, the method selected, candidates with other educational qualifications also are eligible provided if they can meet the following recommended criteria.

In addition, the candidate must meet the following other eligibility as per the written practice.

  •    Near-vision acuity
  •    Color contrast differentiation

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ANDT- Centre of Excellence in Inspection, Equipment, and Training

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ANDT was established by a team of eminent mechanical engineering experts with more than ten years of professional industrial experience with prominent industries of the power sector, pressure vessels, precision, and heavy engineering sectors, pipe systems, storage tanks, process plants, castings, forgings, fabrication, sugar, and cement industries, aerospace component manufacturing, material testing laboratories, consulting and NDT inspection companies.


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