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Mechanical Testing & Inspection

Mechanical Testing & Inspection

Mechanical Testing & Inspection

Mechanical Testing & Inspection is done by tensile, impact, hardness, and other such methods of inspection are used to identify that material is under acceptable criteria for its determined use or function.

A wide range of tests are coved in mechanical testing and inspection, they are used to determine independent properties, geometry. It is difficult to find all properties practically as in tensile test some properties are influenced by test piece size and/or shape.

ANDT provide a mechanical test in the following:

  • Brinell Hardness Test
  • Rockwell Hardness Test
  • Vicker Hardness Test
  • Shore Durometer Hardness Test
  • Meyer Hardness Test
  • Knoop Hardness Test
  • Barcol Hardness Test
  • Janka Hardness Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Izod Impact Test
  • Charpy Impact Test
  • Creep Test
  • Fatigue Test

Mechanical testing is performed to determine the properties of the material that helps in measuring the estimated performance of the object or product manufactured. It also ensures that material is in acceptance criteria of customer specification, industrial standards, international standards, and other compliances. Industries need to confirm that the material they are using is suitable/correct and meets customer’s specifications, industrial requirements, and international standards. ANDT also provides sample preparation by the American standards, British Standards, and other codes and specifications.

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