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HVAC Course | Diploma in HVAC | Advanced Hvac | Basic HVAC

HVAC Course | Diploma Program in HVAC | Advanced HVAC | Basic HVAC

Central air (warming, ventilating, and cooling) is the innovation of indoor and vehicular ecological solace. It will presumably give warm comfort and commendable indoor air quality. Central air framework configuration is a suborder of mechanical building, in light of the standards of thermodynamics, liquid mechanics, and warmth move. Refrigeration is in some cases added to the field's contraction as HVAC, (warming, ventilating &air-conditioning). HVAC is significant in the plan of medium to enormous mechanical and places of business, for example, high rises, locally available vessels, and in marine situations, for example, aquariums, where sheltered and sound structure conditions are controlled regarding temperature and dampness, utilizing natural air from outside.

Diploma Program in HVAC

Duration: 1 Year  |  Tuition Fee: INR 35000 + INR 2000 (Registration + Examination Fee)

HVAC Advance

Duration: 3 Month  |  Fee: INR 25000

HVAC Basic 

Duration: 1 Month  |  Fee: INR 15000


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